Vision & Core Values

Are you fed up of your Contract Cleaners?

Do you feel that you are being let down by your current cleaning contractor ...Then submit a request for more info?


To be recognised as a leading provider of business cleaning solutions, 'doing good clean business' by best serving our customers throughout the nation


To give our clients Peace of mind and Satisfaction by upholding our Core Values through ‘doing good clean business’ – this is our motto.

How will we achieve this?

In order for our clients to experience ‘good clean business’, we will:

  • Professional care for their building
  • Ensure an impressive finish to all surfaces and furnishings cleaned
  • Enable them to get on with what really matters....their business!


Three Values that are core to our clients using our services again and again:

  • We believe in going the extra mile for our clients
  • We believe in outstanding results through attention to detail and being thorough
  • We believe in finding solutions to our clients needs

Three Values that is vital to our business succeeding:

  • We take pride in the service that we provide our clients, just as if we serviced our own homes
  • We believe in building trust worthy and reputable relationships with our clients
  • We believe in honouring our commitments and we shun cutting corners

Three Values that is vital to the Directors:

  •  It is essential that we have the right systems in place that ensures successful growth 
  •  We firmly believe that our success will be as a result of strong moral principles and integrity woven into the veins of our core business values 
  • We are open to any suggestions that will enhance our service and we encourage customer feedback

Three Values that is important to our team wanting to do their best:

  • It is essential that the team believes in our Vision, Mission and Core Values statement
  • We believe in open, friendly work relationships between management and team members
  • It is essential that the team has the right tools, structure and know for the task at hand

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