Why Us

Are you fed up of your Contract Cleaners?

Do you feel that you are being let down by your current cleaning contractor ...Then submit a request for more info?

Based on our core values we believe that it is not what we offer but how we offer our services that makes the difference to our clients. Therefore we believe in supporting our cleaning solutions with additional benefits that express our belief in innovation.

‘How we offer’ our business cleaning solutions to you:

We put all our cleaners through the J & Co PRO Training Programme – As authorised BICSc Assessors, we run a regigorous training program for all our cleaning personnel making them experts in their field.

We offer a staff time and attendance system to accurately determine when your cleaner(s) is on site, the time they got there and how long they have spent on site - this system allows us to:

  • Ensure service level agreements are kept
  • Generate different type of  reports to deal with any discrepancies
  • Promptly deal with “No Show”, “Late Show” and “Early Leave” situations
  • Keep an eye on security and health & safety issues such as a “No Logout” for lone workers

We offer Flexible agreement terms – Clients can alter their original cleaning specification should your circumstance change.

We offer a full range of business  cleaning services under one roof to meet our clients cleaning needs – our clients do not need to waste time, be inconvenienced or hassled by searching for or managing multiple service providers.

We offer a fully comprehensive ‘J & Co Quality Management System’ – Forged through years of testing and client feedback our system that ensures high quality throughout all aspects of our cleaning operation. Click here to see how we manage our agreements with our clients.


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